Duke of Edinburg Award Program

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program consists of three levels of achievement, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Participants complete requirements each of four sections:

  • Service;
  • Skills;
  • Physical Recreation; and
  • Adventurous Journey.

Expé Aventures can help your students to realise the goals of the Adventurous Journey which aims to encourage a spirit of adventure and a set of leadership skills that will benefit students today and tomorrow.

Our services include:

  • Certified guides
  • Liability insurance
  • Trip planning & logistics
  • Risk management plan
  • Equipment
    • Ex: canoes, paddles, wetsuits, helmets life jackets
    • Group cooking equipment & group shelters
    • Satellite phone
    • Menu planning & food appropriate for the setting

Various workshops offered during trip:

  • Outdoor cooking and camp management
  • Orienteering using map and compass
  • Using a GPS
  • Setting up and striking camp
  • Paddling skills
  • Optional First Aid certification for students before the trip

For more info about the award, visit www.dukeofed.org