Our passion is to help you develop the skills, the experience and the confidence you need to fully enjoy your favorite activities. From paddling techniques to wilderness and remote first aid, and exploring as well many other themes like winter camping rudiments and avalanche skills training course, our training programs are varied and adapted to your needs.

Formations à venir

  • Sea Kayaking ·

Level 1 Sea Kayak

The training course Sea kayak level 1 is a one day initiation that will provide the kayaker with the basic theoretical and practical knowledge on how to practice and learn all safety procedures and practices, in calm waters with a solo kayak.
  • Sea Kayaking ·

Sea kayak security training

The training course in sea kayak security will provide the kayaker with the knowledge in order to increase the practice of the activity in a safe manner for him/her, or the people he's traveling with. In this training, you'll se different techniques of recovery like auto-recovery with foam paddle floats, esquimautage as well as many other techniques that will give you more confidence during your kayak expeditions.
  • Swiftwater rescue ·

Swift-water rescue Level 2

This training is more for amateurs of swift-water. Whether you prefer kayak or canoe, this training course will provide the participant with the necessary knowledge about the dangers associated with the swift-water sports as well as techniques to intervene in case of necessity.
  • Canoeing ·

Canoe training course – Calm waters 3

Your experience allows you to unravel as a duo or solo. It is time to refine your techniques to maximize your efficiency and be able to ''feel'' your craft. This training will have a strong influence, even on your river courses.
  • Canoeing ·

Canoe training – Calm waters level 2

This 2 day training course will allow you to develop strong knowledge for duo rowing en the essentials for solo maneuvers. This level is strongly suggested prior to Swift-water II After this internship, you will be able to progress through calm waters, swift-water or canoe camping.
  • Canoeing ·

Rowing level 1

This training course is for people with a significant experience, but willing to acquire a strong base, as well as beginners willing to acquire necessary knowledge to start with good techniques.
  • Winter Camping ·

Winter camping 101

Expé Aventures offers an initiation to winter camping where the participant will learn the rudiments of winter outdoors. Cette formation vous fait découvrir les principes fondamentaux du camping d’hiver, notamment les différents abris de neige, la cuisine hivernale, la planification d’un menu hivernal, la gestion du campement en hiver, le maintien de sa température corporelle, et la gestion de son équipement.
  • Avalanche ·

Avalanche security skills Level 1 + alpine hike

This training is perfect for people wanting to combine the Avalanche skills 1 and terrain experience. The package allows you to acquire all the necessary knowledge, theoretical and practical, related to the Avalanche skills training 1 and the practice of alpine ski, telemark or splitboard.
  • Avalanche ·

Avalanche skills training 2 (AST 2)

The training AST-2 aims participants with middle skills experience This training allows the participant to develop tools for a better analysis and decision making when traveling on avalanche terrain, and deepen their global knowledge.
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